Monday, September 28, 2009

Swine flu, swine flu vaccines, what to believe?

Listening to crazy internet talk radio about a Navy ship with vaccine related deaths, including the Captain of the ship, I realized that there is a way to reassure the public, as well as the Doctors and Nurses who are being required to take the vaccines this year.

The story yesterday that was supposed to reassure us was really bad.

But, onboard Navy ships, as well as isolated military bases, there is a captive audience of test subjects for the vaccines.

Navy ship-men don't just up and die.  Neither do military personal stationed on remote bases.  It is extremely rare for them to die, or even get really sick.

So give them all the vaccines, and record if any side effects, especially sudden death, occur.  This data, evidence based science, would do more to help the public, as well as Doctors and researchers, than all the talk in the world.

Or even better, be scientific about it, and give half the vaccine, and the other half the same chemicals, but with no flu virus of any kind (not actually aa placebo, but will allow for more data to be gathered).

Then a week later , if nobody gets sick or dies, give the placebo group the vaccine.

That is evidence based science at work.  So of course they won't do it.  It would be too scientific.

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