Thursday, September 4, 2008

Taking on professional ignorance

Yesterday I may have started an online conflict with a Pro, who's ignorance, either deliberate or true ignorance, (who can say), was so glaring I didn't resist the urge to correct her.

My comment was "moderated", so I am waiting to see if it is worth following up. I don't usually leave comments on other Blogs, not wanting them to repay in kind. This could change. I am struggling for a hypothesis to explain why a trained scientist could be so deluded and unscientific in matters of Medicine.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cure for Cancer found, still not much News coverage

Dichloroacetate (DCA), which was found to cause cancer cells to die, still not making it to the News. Even with Clinical trials underway, and multiple sources of evidence showing it is safe, and it works, somehow just isn't being covered by any News agencies.
(As always, don't take my word for it, do a search yourself.)

DCA research isn't  receiving any funding from Drug Companies (no surprise there, it can't be patented), Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, or even the Cancer Foundations.

Meanwhile, after begging for money, the discoverer (Dr Evangelos Michelakis) is doing human trials. Note that he discovered DCA killed cancer cells in 2005, but kept it to himself for two years.

And it looks like Harvard Medical School didn't listen to the skeptics, and went ahead and did some testing on their own.

Dichloroacetate (DCA) Promising for Endometrial Cancer

A safe, cheap cure for some cancers. But with out profit, it is slow going. Meanwhile, several patented treatments which failed clinical trials, are still going to be used anyway.

When Medicine is about profit, only the Drug companies profit. No evidence yet, but I'm sure other countries are doing their own tests. No doubt some clinic is already using it to reduce or stop cancer.

But until somebody spends the millions to get it approved, it is considered quackery.

In anecdotal news, several people have reported curing skin cancer in less than two weeks, by putting it on the skin cancer itself. This is not considered evidence based medicine however. Until millions of dollars have been spent, years have passed, and multiple trials have been done, one can not say anything actually has cured skin cancer.

Not that those facts are going to stop somebody with cancer from trying. After all, if you are going to die, what have got to lose?

In case you are wondering how safe DCA is, several extensive studies were done, all of which declared it very safe.  These studies were done not because of any concern about the drug, (it is very rarely used), but because it is found in drinking water, a by product if chlorination.  People were concerned it might CAUSE cancer, so they did a lot of testing.  

Funny thing, no matter how much they gave rats, they never got cancer.  

(links for evidence for all this in the works)