Friday, February 1, 2008

Observational Science and You Part Two

In the original post about this, I became fascinated by the data on you, the reader, and despite my desperate inquiries, I still know nothing about how you found this half finished effort.

In fact, some of you know far more than I do at this point. The latest data on you, is here:

Country Count
United States60 (86.96%)
Germany3 (4.35%)
United Kingdom2 (2.90%)
Austria1 (1.45%)
Canada1 (1.45%)
Malaysia1 (1.45%)
Romania1 (1.45%)

Browser Count
Firefox (81.16%)
Internet Explorer 7.011 (15.94%)
Internet Explorer 6.01 (1.45%)
Safari 523.12.21 (1.45%)

OS Count
WinXP68 (98.55%)
MacOSX1 (1.45%)

So if you are in Austria, Canada, Malaysia or Romania, you know who you are. The lone Mac user also knows.

I, I am clueless. And avoiding finishing that entry on DMSO, as well as several new entries.

I have 112 entries to go. And every single one of them requires hours of work. And I still did nothing on the first three entries, all of which are crucial to everything else. Half baked. Half baked indeed.

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