Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why Evidence Based Science?

This is the curious state of debate about the government’s two main weapons in the fight against pandemic flu. At first, government officials declare that both vaccines and drugs are effective. When faced with contrary evidence, the adherents acknowledge that the science is not as crisp as they might wish. Then, in response to calls for placebo-controlled trials, which would provide clear results one way or the other, the proponents say such studies would deprive patients of vaccines and drugs that have already been deemed effective. “We can’t just let people die,” says Cox.

Students of U.S. medical history will find this circular logic familiar: it is a long-recurring theme in American medicine, and one that has, on occasion, had deadly consequences.
Shannon Brownlee writing for The Atlantic

Interested?  Go read the article.  It is better than anything I could write. But the above is almost exactly why I started this Blog.  The people who are promoting "Science Based Medicine" are some of the worst at looking at data and evidence, when it goes against what they already KNOW IS TRUE.  They don't even want to do experiments, if they are to investigate what the ALREADY KNOW IS TRUE.

They don't want anyone else doing experiments either.

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