Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fluoride is still a poison

This is not disputed by evidence.  Or science.  It is just the nature of fluoride, to be a deadly poison.

So why is it in your drinking water?  And bath water, and lawn water, and food processing water.  And the water you rinse your eyes with, and OK all water that comes out of the tap?  (If you live where water is fluoridated)

This is one of those interesting science things that wouldn't stand up today for a minute.  But because it is old, somehow it keeps on going.  Like cancer causing cigarettes.  Or alcohol. 

A little fluoride in your toothpaste can make your teeth stronger.  But like the label says, don't swallow it, it is poisonous.

That much is true.  A long time ago somebody thought it would help to put it in drinking water so everybody would have stronger teeth.  Because back then they thought drinking it would make your teeth stronger.  So they did.  They added poison to the drinking water.

To understand how insane this is, it might help to use an example from right now.

Right now a lack of Vitamin D is causing health problems for some people.  So let's put Vitamin D in the drinking water.  That way everybody will get some.  It will help.

If that sounds crazy, then you understand fluoride in the drinking water.   If you also understand why it will never happen, then you know about the difference between modern thinking and old thinking.

I could post a bunch of links to explain all of this, but some things are not worth the time. 

Fluoride is still a poison.

Nothing anyone says will change the facts on this one.

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