Sunday, March 9, 2008

Gardasil Vaccine Part 2

Well, I'm in the thick of it now. With Google listing this blog, I feel the intensity of taking on the massive powers that be, in regards to a huge amount of money and power. Oh great. Just what I need, more stress.

While I discovered this deception all on my own, while searching for information about it, I discovered it isn't even news. For example, from Thursday, May 10, 2007 12:45 AM CDT

According to published research, complication rates among Gardasil recipients were as high as 92 percent, similar to the control group receiving a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant rather than saline. Fetal death was as high as 38 percent following vaccination, according to Merck.

The FDA has listed over 900 adverse Gardasil reactions including menstrual problems, seizures and syncope. Regarding efficacy, there are two Gardasil researchers who have spoken out against the premature conclusions of a ``cancer cure.''

It is not surprising that peer-reviewed literature has not raised greater concern about safety and effectiveness when over 40 percent of co-authors were Merck employees, including patent holders. According to Lancet (2005), Merck's Vioxx killed as many as 61,600 Americans, despite dozens of poorly designed, peer-reviewed papers touting its safety and enthusiastic approval by a conflicted FDA that routinely ignores long-term outcomes. My opinions are based upon peer-reviewed science and government documents.

Public health officials often readily accept the steady stream of disinformation and marketing propaganda from an FDA and CDC whose advisory board members, according to several congressional hearings, are frequently tied to pharmaceutical giants like Merck that have funded and created science aimed at delivering profits over safety.

Dr. David Ayoub
Oh well, it was news to me!

Looking at the information from the trials, there is one bright spot. Without meaning to, they did a double blind test on the aluminum salts used in the vaccine. Look at the charts!

Side effects, listed by vaccine, "placebo", and saline injection. How interesting. More to come, more to come.

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